Wireless Bluetooth Speaker


Battery capacity: 1200MA,
Play time: about 3 hours,
Speaker specifications: 45MM*2,
Speaker power: 5W*2,
Charging voltage: 5V/500ma,
Stand-alone size: 188*80*83.5MM,
Support USB-FM-TF card - Bluetooth playback, support TWS couplet!

1. Adopt advanced Bluetooth audio decoding chip to all Bluetooth device connections;
2, support FM radio, you can directly search the radio station in the listening area;
3, the tone is soft, clear and dynamic, with different levels;
4. Direct reading of TF card and U disk;
5, Bluetooth receiving distance can be as long as 10 meters
6, support LINE IN audio input, provide you with computer speaker function. Can be connected directly to the phone / tablet / and TV Bluetooth pairing to play music;


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